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The Bell

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The Bell Is Now A Read-Only Internet Landmark

All 10 past issues are available for reading, at no cost. Last issue was February, 2001. When The Bell was launched by Safevote in May 2000, it started and documented a fresh scientific approach to Internet voting, and voting in general, that continues to be influential and useful. The articles published in The Bell were applied to voting standards and practical developments in several universities, work groups and companies worldwide. Voting has changed from art to science and The Bell has been --and is today-- an important Internet resource that is freely available to all. The dialogue continues in other forums.

Some comments from readers:

"After I read the first issue, I felt compelled to subscribe. 
Everything is going in the direction of the Internet, including public elections, and I find The Bell a useful tool in keeping up to date with news and information in the area of Internet voting, especially as it relates to election procedures. However, security concerns have to be addressed."
    Gail L. Pellerin, Elections Manager, Santa Cruz County, CA

"I'm always looking for ways to better serve the public so I try to stay abreast of anything having to do with elections. The Bell is very useful in that regard. I read it to find out what’s going on in the world, what the new ideas are. We don't want to reinvent the wheel. But Internet voting will have to be made secure. There can't be dead people voting. And you have to be certain that only qualified voters can vote. These are big problems today and Internet voting will have to deal with them."
    Kathy E. Van Wolfe, Elections Administrator, McLennan County, TX 

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