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Internet voting empowers the individual

After working on and verifying elections in the US and abroad for more than 20 years, our team knew that software and machines alone cannot do the job. As a result, Safevote was born in 1999. We built patent-pending technology and voting software that models a fair, auditable election and efficiently includes human auditing at every step. The software can be used online and offline.

At Safevote, we are committed to election integrity, privacy and security while providing voters with the features that are most often desired. Safevote election features vary by product in order to serve diverse local customer needs.

About Us

Safevote, Inc., a Delaware corporation founded in 1999, is a leading software company with patent pending voting technology and worldwide online election experience. Safevote's technology and services have received worldwide press coverage by New York Times, Le Monde, O Globo, Forbes, CBS, CNN, Business Week, Wired and USA Today. Safevote contributed to the non-partisan voting newsletter The Bell -- a recognized resource in the industry.

Safevote provides secure, public electronic communication solutions for cost-effective, participative, trustworthy, and verified voting with assured voter privacy.

Safevote targets private, government and Internet market sectors. Voting is a global market totaling $16 billion (2005), with  $12 billion currently in paper-based elections and  $4 billion in segments including the Internet.

Our experience shows that Internet voting significantly improves voter participation and satisfaction, while reducing cost and time, all without the accuracy and reliability controversies that plague conventional voting systems. The average cost per vote cast in a public election in the U.S. today is from $3 to $9, with questionable reliability and accuracy when it matters most -- for close races, when the vote difference is small.

Safevote was born out of the desire to create products that would allow electronic and Internet voting to truly provide the privacy and security properties that have been so far only desired in centuries of voting using paper-based voting systems.

About Our Technology

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