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"I really liked and appreciated the election results and voter lists you provided. The ZSentry; ballot process worked very well for our last election."
Norman Veen, PMP, Past President. Project Management Institute, Central Iowa Chapter, IA

"I think the process went more smoothly this time around [with ZSentry]. I think most members that did the online version found it user friendly."
Coleen Salsbery, RN. Committee for Recognition of Nursing Achievement (CRONA), Stanford Hospital and Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford, CA
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"Safevote's technology allows the University to use our own pages and trusted login procedure to authenticate the voters, including data from our enterprise directory. The voter goes on to vote using Safevote, while keeping all the privacy and security assurances, and audit, of the Safevote process."
Åsa Rudehäll, Head of Vice Chancellor's Office, Umeå Universitet, Sweden
"I used the Safevote system myself and I liked it. It was very easy to use. Overall I can say that the test in our county was successful and the reaction from the people who voted on the system was very favorable. Many voters I talked to wanted to know when they would be able to use it for real, including voting from their homes or offices. ...My staff members also found the system easy to use and operate."
Hugh Denton, Assistant County Registrar, Contra Costa County, CA
"Brilliant. I would sincerely hope this or similar technology is promoted heavily in precincts that still use punched card methods. Please! "
"This is an outstanding method of voting. It would greatly reduce the overhead of counting ballots and if done securely, could be by far the safest method of voting. Convenience is the key these days. I would submit that there would be an additional 30% voter turnout at least."
"Safevote is a safe and very functional system for Internet based elections. It works very well and it can be properly scaled according to voting participation. The system is easy to set up for voting and easy to use for voters."
Mattias Nyman, CTO, Aftonbladet, Stockholm, Sweden

National Internet Election
Voting included Sweden, the UK, France, Spain, and Africa, for 300,000 Swedish students. Safevote provided the voter registration and online election services.

Aftonbladet Ungt val

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