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Contra Costa County Ballot Survey

In the Contra Costa County Shadow Election, voter feedback about the test and the possibilities of voting using the Internet, including voting from home, was even more important than knowing the voter's political preferences.

A Safevote representative personally interviewed the voters at Contra Costa after they voted using the Safevote system and presented a series of questions to them. When asked if Safevote's system was easy to use, all 307 voters answered yes. As voters' time permitted, other questions followed with a pre-defined format and also included room for spontaneous responses. Approximately 200 voters took the time to answer all questions, with the results given below.

  • Ease of Use: 100% of 307 voters found the Safevote system easy to use
  • Sensitivity to Privacy and Security Issues: (high level of awareness)
    • 70% said they had concerns about security
    • 20% said they had concerns about voter authentication
    • 60% had concerns about voter privacy
  • Vote Verifiability: 100% would like to go on the Internet and verify that their vote was indeed received for tallying
  • Would You Use the Internet to Vote: (nearly 100% said yes)
    • 60% would vote from home
    • 34% would prefer to vote from the workplace
    • 5% would prefer to use the Internet to vote at precincts
    • 1% did try the system even though they declared they were completely opposed to the idea of Internet voting

The observed high level of awareness of privacy and security issues among the voters correlated well with their desire to verify whether their ballots were actually received for tallying, as aforementioned. The voters' high level of awareness of privacy and security issues indicates that voters might be well-motivated to cooperate in providing the voter-verified part of the checks and balances called for in Safevote's Election Auditing technology.

Public Elections

Safevote stands ready to certify and conduct Internet and electronic voting in Public Elections, where accepted. Where the certification of Safevote's system depends on legislation still being discussed, Safevote is able to conduct Public Election Trials.

If you are interested in setting up a Public Election or Trial, please visit our Public Elections Page >>

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